Attraction, Intimacy and Commitment

God is the one who created all things. He created us and understands the way we work. God also created to a certain extent the chemical reaction in us that determines fight or flight. This response may not be logical reaction to our situation, it comes from our perception. When we feel threatened by something we run away even if it is just a dark room with irregular shapes. When something scares us, we may run or we may fight just as a unplanned response. God also gave us attraction. Attraction may not be logical, and we find ourselves attracted to some people when we don’t know why. This attraction makes life very confusing at times.
God’s way of making sense of this attraction is to say we can have what we want the most. We can decide what we love with all the emotion and conviction and we can make a commitment to the person of our dreams. We can form a God blessed relationship that will allow deep personal intimacy. We call it marriage. We take on the role of being husband or wife in this committed relationship that allows our greatest love and personal desires to be fulfilled. Since this has such great personal intimacy it is a once in a life experience. We make one commitment in our life and promise to honor that commitment. Only when we make such a commitment and promise in a covenant of marriage can we feel safe enough to share so much. This is God’s design for balancing the intense attraction and desire he created in us with the vulnerability of intimacy that allows such depth.
When we violate that covenant and trust we have developed with each other, we violate what God created. God allowed us to be responsible enough to make the choice and keep it. It is the one time in our life that we can make that choice. Some choices are made for the rest of our life because of what they allow as blessing or what they destroy. To be given the responsibility to make one great choice that fulfills all our desires shows how much God trusts us. To look at the number of divorces and problems in marriage shows that maybe he shouldn’t trust us. But God stands behind his promise because he wants us to realize the great relationship we can have with him. That is why he says love him first. If we can realize such a great love on earth, maybe we can realize the great relationship we are able to have with God. We have trouble connecting with an invisible God. Love is invisible also and God is love. It is when we can make such commitments and promises that we can realize the greatest relationships of heaven and earth.
Friday, February 8, 2019

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