Complete Failure

Sometimes we all feel like a complete failure. Nothing in life is going right and we have just broken some important relationships. It feels like the whole world is crashing in around us and life will never be the same. We can never recover. But, time goes on and we find we do recover. Life may not be the same, but we do find new ways to incorporate what we learned. Failure without learning is wasted. At least we should learn something from the experience and be able to avoid the disaster the next time.
We tend to avoid places of failure. If a job is not going well, we find a new job. If we are bad at sports, we watch it on TV and become the commentator. If we fail at personal relationships, we just do more on Facebook. Anyone can sound good on Facebook and there are seldom any failures there. We just don’t post those things. That leads some people to feel even worse about their life because it appears everyone has a better life than they do.
A few will go to church with their failure but not many. It is a place to face your failure and do something with it. God is all about forgiveness, grace and starting over. It is the reason Jesus came. When we fail in catastrophic ways Jesus has an even better failure. It was the failure of God’s people to even see their own messiah. They did not recognize him. Jesus was unable to call everyone to discipleship before he died. That possibility was so remote it wasn’t even part of the plan. Jesus plan involved failure to do righteousness the normal way. Jesus died to improve his failure. We learn that death is not fatal. Resurrection is God’s way of dealing with a catastrophe so severe that we can’t recover.
When Peter told the people they had killed their own messiah it had to be a day of failure. The asked what they should do. What do we do when we are such a failure that we killed our own God? Peter told them how failure was not fatal. Even fatal is not the end. The great and glorious God of heaven was bringing life to people who were willing to admit their failure. Admitting failure was essential to this new life. It meant they could live better than they were precisely because of their failure. So can we.
Friday, September 21, 2018

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