Could Be Worse

When my children were younger, they had a book with the title, “Could be Worse”. Every day something bad would happen and the grandpa would say, “Could be worse”. And the next day sure enough something would happen that would be worse. Life today goes on and the best advice we can give is, “Could be worse”. It is what keeps us looking toward the future and not take this present moment so seriously. No matter how bad it is it always could be worse. When we see people who have it worse than we do we can be grateful that it isn’t us. There are some days when we are the example to someone else of how it is worse. Even on those days we know we have not reached the bottom of how bad it can possibly be.
Our relationships could be worse. No matter how strained they are now, they can always get worse. Be thankful for what they are now and work so that they are better. The kind word of encouragement goes a long way. We sometimes feel like we are the worst and it is good to hear that other people see good in us and value us. When we value them, it gives opportunity for things to be better.
Our church could be worse. We do have Jesus as our savior and he is building his church through us. The reason it could be worse is us or angry people in the world. With Jesus as the guide and shepherd we know he leads to glory and majesty even if suffering happens. He forgives sinners and changes relationships from hatred to love. It is who Jesus is. When we act and worship in a way that brings glory to him, we can handle the worst.
Our family could be worse. There are ways that we can respond to the situation right now that make it better. Our marriage could be better. Our kids could be worse. We can be thankful that today we can do something to make a difference. Difficult times can always come but they will not come because of neglect or a lack of effort. So we work and plan so that our family has a good example to follow. We speak and act in a way that God can bless because of us. When we seek his kingdom and his righteousness all other blessings can come to us. (Matt 6:33)
Terry Friday,
November 16, 2018

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