Further Development

There are times in life when everything changes. We can try to hold on to the past, but we usually recognize that we are better making progress from one thing to the next. We don’t want to still be in the same room we had when were a child. At some point we get through school, move out and go on to a bigger place. We won’t just have the same room but own our own house. All of these are important changes in our development. We leave what is behind us and we reach for something better.
For this to be beneficial we must believe that there is something better. There are better opportunities ahead and we are not planning to stay where we are. We may see our future and our development as providing more opportunities for us. We get through school and we can find better jobs than we could have had before. We get paid more and so we are able to afford more things. We can live in a new place that allow more activities for our involvement. As long as we believe there is something more and better we will look forward to further development.
Sometimes we can be short sighted when it comes to our spiritual development. We want to stay in the same place where we grew up and do the same things we did when we were a child. We pick a favorite pew, we pick favorite friends, we are involved about the same level we were when we were in fifth grade. In fact we may have been much more involved in fifth grade than we are currently. We can see opportunities in employment, economics and freedom. There is also room for development in our spiritual relationship with God.
There are gifts of grace that allow us to work with people. We become leaders and take on an area where God empowers us. Being filled with the Holy Spirit changes our relationship with God. We have an understanding of the love and depth of God because his Spirit is inside us. We can make different relationships and work with people as we share this spiritual bond in Christ. We find places to work for God as he opens new doors for our development. Ultimately it is not the person who stays the same and waits for life to accept give him new beginnings but the one who finds opportunities in school, jobs, career and family that moves ahead in his development. It is also the person who pursues God in faith and work of ministry that is able to realize the fullness of God in his life.
Friday, May 24, 2019

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