Getting Away with It

We know what is right to do and we know it is best for us. But we see a way that we might get ahead. We can gain advantage with some not so honest method that will just make it easier for us. Should we take it? Sometimes we do. And then things fall apart. We knew better, but now other things fall apart and we can’t go back. Why do we try to take short cuts and get away with things when we know what we should do? We think we will be the exception and we can get away with it.

Sometimes we do get away with it. We do carry a certain amount of guilt knowing we got away. We may also not have people trust us quite as much because they are suspicious of how it happened. We will be watched more closely now and not trusted as much. We don’t realize how much we lost. When we don’t trust people, or they don’t trust us we lose the relationship. They are no longer confident they can depend on us.
Following the core values and commands of God is critical to our relationship with God and others. When we decide to steal a little bit, nothing big, we compromise relationships. When we don’t honor family or have a few questionable morals we lose relationship. Even if we got away with the little bit of cheating, we have lost something so much more important. We have lost respect from our self and others. Relationships will not develop.

When we are forgiven by God and follow everything God said we are to cleanse out the sin and begin again. We also realize it is still us and the habits and tendencies are still going to be a struggle for us. Addiction is a horrible thing and we don’t get rid of the want simply by being forgiven. God gives grace to forgive and the Holy Spirit to allow us to battle the place we have put ourselves. The power is when we rely completely on God. No tricks, no shortcuts, we do what he wants and become pleasing to him. That is such a long way from feeling like we got away with something because no one knows. To gain the real power of God we ourselves and our ways to find the power of an indestructible life. (Heb. 7:16)

Friday, March 15, 2019

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