I Know What You Did

A scary movie came out in 1997 and the title was “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Why would that be a scary movie? Since then, there have been a number of movies that start with, “I Know What You Did…”. Of course, those are connected to an accident or a situation where the person was not at their best. The knowing what you did soon leads to revenge and therefore the development of the horror. (No I didn’t see the Movie) Maybe that is why we are so reluctant for anyone to know any mistake we ever made. We assume there will be retribution and some form of punishment that comes from people knowing. It isn’t the fact that did something, it is that people would know. Our assumption is if no one knows, then there is no retribution.
Is there anything that God doesn’t know? Sometimes we want to treat him the same way. We assume if we didn’t tell him then he doesn’t know. If he doesn’t know he won’t punish us. Quite the opposite is true. The Bible talks about repentance and confession as a way to stop any retribution. It is the people who come to God and confess the wrong they have done that find forgiveness. God knows and finds a way to forgive. Our forgiveness comes from the sacrifice of Jesus who took our place by dying on a cross for sin. When we believe in Jesus and this sacrifice for us it can be personal about our sin. Jesus died a long time ago and it was for all people. However, unless we connect our faith, our sin and our repentance with that sacrifice it just remains a historical fact.
The problem becomes that we don’t want to have forgiveness, we want to have anonymity. We think that no one knowing would be better than being forgiven. We would still equate forgiveness with the possibility of retribution. We may have been “officially forgiven”, but we imagine they are still mad and withhold privilege. We imagine it would be better if they just didn’t know. That just isn’t true. When forgiveness is able to happen, both people move past the issue. We must not act like we are still guilty because forgiveness takes away and retribution and bad feeling or it isn’t forgiveness. Repentance is people coming back together and building a stronger bond than they had in the past. God blesses those who turn to him. God does not bless the anonymous. God has no relationship with the anonymous. Jesus sacrifice does not apply to the anonymous.
Christianity works much different than our fears. It is by letting God know that we are not perfect, and we have sinned that we can start the real relationship. That is true with each other as well. We would never believe the person who acts like they have never done anything wrong. We know better. We may not know what you did, but we are very sure there is something. That is why when Jesus comes preaching, his first message is that people should repent. He knows that if there is going to be a relationship, it starts there.
Friday, May 24, 2019

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