In a Worship Relationship

We know sees everything we go though and there isn’t anywhere we can go that he doesn’t know. Even with God knowing everything there is a difference being aware of the facts and being in someone’s presence. The person on their cell phone knows what is happening in the room and most of what was said. However, they are distracted and not really engaged with the people in the room. It is much different than sitting down across the table from someone and them looking us in the eye while we talk. They not only know every word that was said, but the body language and expression on our face. Over half the people who get married will end in divorce.
Over half the young people who came to church will divorce God. That means married people who have spent time together, shared finances, lived together, and found some great attraction to each other are no longer willing to stay together. With that kind of example how could there not be a problem with keeping a connection with God? We should be surprised there is any worship at all that keeps people interested. If we can’t live together in the deepest most intimate relationships with each other, why would God be an exception? Are we really surprised if over half the people who begin with church leave church? It is an insight into us and our failure in intimate relationships. The usual cause they give is church isn’t relevant or keeping up with trends. That is like saying the divorce rate is high because the couple didn’t have enough channels on their TV. At the bottom of all these broken relationships is something wrong with us. We were not able to understand and stay in the conversation with enough intensity to work it out. We quit paying attention and we lose the relationship.
When we talk to God, what preparation do we take? If we can’t text while we are driving can we pray while we drive? Does most of our praying take place while we are doing something else? Maybe that is why when Jesus prays it is at times when he stopped to pay attention. He prayed before means when he had to wait to eat until he could give thanks to God. He prayed in the garden specifically. He went up several mountains to pray and spent much of the night praying instead of sleeping. Sometimes we stay up late talking to friends. Those are the best conversations.
Jesus gives the example of what happens. When he was praying in the garden, he took three disciples with him and told them of his distress. He asked them to pray. While the son of God was praying in agony a few steps away they were asleep. Completely unaware of the crisis he was going through. The did it three times. Why did the early church grow? Because those disciples never did take for granted God’s presence and the crisis around them. The answer isn’t more entertaining worship; it is staying in the conversation of worship with almighty God.
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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