Killers Among Us

There are several ways to destroy people. We hear about the gunmen in the news that take lives in a huge way. They kill multiple people knowing they will be ending their own life also. The loss affects many more people than the ones who were shot. The families and friends are also affected by the loss. There is also what has happened to the gunman who has such anger and hatred because of what has happened to him that he lashes out. It may be because he thought he deserved more privilege. There must also have been tremendous damage done for him to act that way. With all of the entitlement felt and abuse done to people are we producing our own killers?

When the woman comes into Simon’s house to see Jesus, she comes knowing what people think of her. Simon knows who she is and her reputation around the city. She still comes to Jesus and shows her repentance in front of everyone with her tears and wipes his feet with her hair. How horrible she must have felt about herself. She didn’t kill anyone in retaliation, but others had destroyed her. Simon’s only response is to think that any physical contact with her is repulsive and could result in transferring some of her sin to Jesus. Her spirit had been killed long ago, but she sees hope in the grace Jesus brings.
The Bible talks about treating others the way we want to be treated. We should not be angry with our brother or call him names. (Matt 5:22) We should treat people with respect, and honor many of the people who are made fun of today. People were thought sinful who had some form of disease. Those with leprosy were outcasts and not allowed to be around anyone. They had to warn people approaching them that they were, “unclean”.  There was no sense of entitlement because of their condition.
Paul talks about putting on compassionate hearts of kindness. (Col. 3:12-17) He talks about bearing with one another and forgiving each other as we have been forgiven. We must put on love that binds us together and let peace rule our hearts. The great sins of the past are no longer the problem of our life because we have found redemption. We have been treated with love that is as deep as death. The hatred that killed Jesus and his conquering death makes him able to heal us. Jesus does not come for sinners’ rights. He comes to make sinful people holy and give them all the privilege of a child of God.
Friday, February 8, 2019

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