Lifetime Relationships

There are a few relationships in our life that remain precious. They stay not because they are forced but because they develop. No matter where we meet people in our life we will always change the relationships over time. At some point we want the relationships to stop changing. We think husbands and wives should remain exactly the way they were on the wedding day. College friends should stay like they were in college. We want to hang on to the past and keep some memories that we important to us. We can keep the memory but understand that everyone changes, and that development is important for better relationships.
Mother’s Day is one of those where we can go back an remember the times as a child and give honor to our mother for a lifetime relationship. It is not just what they did when we were a child but also how we have developed and grown. The love that was shared with us as an infant has developed into much more as we matured through the years. It is not one day but a whole life of love that is honored. It is important that the relationship develop past the point where mom is telling us what to do to the adult sharing that can take place. Even though she will will worry about you and may continue to give suggestions, her joy is that at some point you don’t really need them anymore.
We continue to develop in our relationship with God as well. We started from different places. Some of us were children when we were introduced to God and his way. Some didn’t come along until much later. We all came to a point where the relationship with God was broken. We also realize this is one relationship that is most important in our life and we must do everything to keep. We responded to God and his forgiveness through Jesus as we realized we were the ones at fault, not him. Our promise and covenant to follow Jesus became a standard for our life to keep that relationship. It is not the same childhood one we had if we grew up in church. It is strong because it was broken and remade in the blood of Christ. We understand a deeper love of God than what we did before.
Relationships are often tested. They stay because they are worth the fight it takes to keep them. We change and develop a better relationship as we mature. We understand God more as his Spirit fills us and we can see his ways. His wisdom will guide us as we look for his direction. His peace can be found in the worst conflict as we understand the depths of his love. It may just help us understand the love of our mother also. They share a common unconditional love that can only be deepened with interaction.
Friday, May 10, 2019

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