Trust Me

  Trust is very hard for us to give. We seem to be misled by thinking we are getting one thing when it turns out to be something else. When we ordered online it looked like a great doll for our daughter, but it turned out to be only three inches tall. We thought we were getting a great bat and ball for our son, but both are plastic and didn’t last very long. We feel like we must be careful because most companies and people try to misrepresent themselves. When is the last time you bought anything and were surprised by the quality and realized it was better than what you had though? Just a simple look at the picture of the food at a fast food restaurant that we ordered and what we get is enough to develop trust issues. We accept it. No one sends back their sandwich and says they will only accept one that looks like the picture.
How do we get someone to trust us? Why would they trust us any more than anyone else? Even though we have never misled them they are still cautious about trusting us. The simple answer is always tell the truth and do what we say. In fact, if someone trusts us it is one of the greatest compliments they can give. It is rare when we can develop relationships where we can trust completely. If we are the person that others can trust, we have a chance at that relationship. If we are less than trustable with anyone it seems to become known and others are cautious. We cannot be trustable to one person and not to the next.
Because of the trust issues with the world around us we don’t trust God. We hear stories in the news of what has happened in churches and how people are not what they seem. We bring our fears in with us and anything less than complete honesty is suspicious. When God makes a promise from scripture and it is not fulfilled immediately, or prayers are slow to be answered we think we can’t trust God. We don’t consider that our answer may not be the best answer. God is doing what is best and working all situations together. When we look back at what God has done, we can see clearly how we should have trusted him all along. The times when we were off course were because we didn’t believe his answer and did what we thought was best. God sees from an infinite place and he knows us better than we know ourselves. We sometimes tell ourselves things that are deceptions because we want it to be that way. If there were ever someone we could trust it would be God. His word and actions have been proven since the beginning of time. The real question is, “Are we able to trust?”
Friday, February 22, 2019

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