Wanting What They Have

When advertisers try to sell us something, they show us a picture of a family or friends using their product and having fun. If you buy this, you will not be alone and you will have fun. When we see other people having fun we want one. If looks like fun because they are having fun. We want to buy the fun and the friendship,  so we get the product and wonder why it doesn’t look like the advertisement.
It is easy to want what someone else has if they are having fun. We want the experience they are having. We want the attention and to feel like they do in that moment. We don’t think of the preparation it takes to get to that point. Relationships should not be based on what we own or how much we have. Happiness doesn’t come from owning more toys so people will play with you.
For some reason we always think someone else has it better than we do. They look like they are having more fun and we feel left out. We wish we could have fun like them. We can. All we have to do is decide what to do, make a plan, make the preparation they did and take pictures as we do it. Everyone will think we had a great time and wish they could do things like that. It is simply making the decision and putting in the time.
When people saw Jesus, they wanted what he had. Had a relationship with God that everyone could have. He told them to follow and they could have that relationship with God, but they must also do all the things that Jesus did. They must do the preparation and make the plan. The must learn to love God and obey his will. We can find happiness in a relationship with God. It will only be when we follow Jesus and become like him. That is the secret to being satisfied and finding fulfillment.
Friday, March 8, 2019

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