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Because We Believe titleBecause We Believe

Here is a link to video done as a continuation of the Wednesday study. Watch the video and download the study sheet that goes along with it. We especially need to keep our connection with God at this time.
Video Bible Study by Terry

Because We Believe video1

Because we believe study sheet1

SF-Kids3xFamily link

Hope all of our families with children are making the best of a tough situation–trying t keep youngsters entertained and educated during quarantine!  This series of videos may offer you a short span of quiet while the viewing takes place!  Here is the link to another of the devotionals put out by ShareFaith, our website platform. 

Exodus 5-12 The Ten Plagues Family Devotional

A Video from Joshua about Family and some questions for family Discussion.

Joshua Family Video


The Lord is My Rock Family Video (Joshua)


The Lord is My Rock Family Devotional (Joshua)

Devotional thoughts by Camille Verdugo. Camille was teaching the Ladies class recently.

Archeology and the Bible

Ashby Camp has done a video series on Archeology and the Bible. Watch this series to see the evidence we have found to events in the Bible. This is a whole series that can build your faith in God’s word.

Archeology and the Bible