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Terry’s Wednesday Classes


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After a few weeks of quarantine, some of us may be able to relate to our video of Daniel in Captivity this week. Parents, this is a great opportunity to talk to your child about bringing glory to God no matter where we are or who we are with! How can we use our “quarantine” time to bring honor and glory to God? -Renda

Daniel 1 The Captivity Family Devotional


Exodus 5-12 The Ten Plagues Family Devotional

Ladies Class

In Moments Like These

Devotional thoughts by Camille Verdugo. Camille was teaching the Ladies class recently.

Lessons from Ashby

Ashby Camp has done a video series on Archeology and the Bible. Watch this series to see the evidence we have found to events in the Bible. This is a whole series that can build your faith in God’s word.

Archeology and the Bible