Authority and Scripture

Who has authority over us and tells us what to do? We get told what to do all the time by many different people. If we have a two-year-old, we get told what to do all the time. Can our life really be controlled by a two-year-old? Most of the time it is not that we recognize the authority of the one telling us what to do but it is most expedient. If we don’t want a screaming child, we will do most of what they want. If we don’t want our spouse mad at us, we will do what they want. If we don’t want to be fired, we will do what the boss wants. We seldom recognize the authority of someone over us, but we can understand that it will not be good if we ignore them.
Some people want to approach others with the authority of God and that means they have to do what he says. While that may have been true in the past most people today don’t even think that way. We can’t scare someone into obedience or even get them to change their behavior today. However, if they have a screaming two-year-old that may make them do something about the situation. God doesn’t scream or throw a tantrum. God is very involved in his world and in our lives. He is the proverbial elephant in the room that we try to ignore. Eventually we must recognize he is everywhere and in everything.
God does speak. He speaks through his word that was written and yet is still alive and relevant today. He may speak through other people. The whole process of being a disciple is recognizing that we need to follow other people and do what they tell us. They can lead us to a deeper relationship with Jesus and a greater understanding. It is the whole basis for development in the church. Jesus commission was to make disciples, meaning that they would follow someone else telling and showing them something better.
Do we listen to God speak in our life? Sometimes the answer is we read our Bible but that is not the same as letting God speak to you. We can read the words on a page and not understand anything about our life or what God wants. It is always better when we consider what God wants and please him. Scripture is not there to ruin our fun but to reveal God. When we understand what God has said, we can understand ourselves more clearly.
Friday July 3, 2019

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