Be in the Pictures

We see pictures of people all the time. They may be of a family reunion or just time when there was a party. Some are even stages and taken by professional photographers. We treasure those memories and put them in scrap books that we can look at years later. We post events on Facebook that shows all the happy people around us. Selfies are pictures we take of ourselves mainly to show where we were or who we are with. We are smiling and laughing and having a good time. If the picture doesn’t say that, we don’t use it and just take another one.
It is especially interesting to have pictures taken in difficult or dangerous places. Some of the are scary. We see people standing at the edge of a cliff or even hanging off the cliff. Some are not showing the ledge below and so the photo looks more dangerous than it really is. We don’t take pictures of us sitting at home bored. We don’t take pictures of us watching tv. Not even a picture of us reading a book. We don’t take pictures of us watching or hearing someone else’s story. We take pictures of our own story.
The Bible has word pictures of people. They are usually people of faith or people who overcame in a great struggle. We read of battles and miracles that are amazing. People who have been through extremely difficult situations and were finally delivered by God. We read of grace that was given to people and how they responded to the love of God and the touch of Jesus.
The pictures we take are of people who showed up. The stories we tell are about people who were there. The Bible talks about people who believed and acted. They spoke to others with the message of God rather than remaining silent. There are no pictures or stories of the people who stayed home. If we want to be in the story we need to be there. Even a selfie is when you went somewhere and did something. People of God are the people who act for him. The best-selling book in the world is about people who acted for God. We choose to be part of that story when we show up and act for him.
Friday, February 7, 2020

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