Becoming Better People

In the Bible there are expectations from God of a better life. It almost doesn’t matter where we are now, there are more things that can be done. When Jesus first calls his disciples, he tells them not to be afraid, that he would train them to catch men. It is something they didn’t know how to do. Since they had been fishermen, Jesus would show them how to catch men. Jesus does this by having them follow him. Not just for an hour a week, but they would live with him full time.   
We look forward to the days when we can stop doing what we must do now. If we are in school, we look forward to being out of school and not having to learn anything. If we are working, we look forward to retirement when we will never have to work again. Actually, we always have to learn something, and we always have work, so we really never get out of those things. It just means we no longer get credit for learning and we no longer get paid for working. If we had realized that earlier, maybe we would have approached learning and work in a different way. If we no longer learn or work, we are setting limits on what we have available to us.
How do we get to be better people? Jesus says one person teaches another. In fact, the whole commission he gives his disciples is to go share the message of the gospel with others. If they don’t learn it, they don’t get the blessings. It is one person teaching another person how to follow God. We all start from different places, but we must learn and do what pleases God.
Sometimes we need to be encouraged. We get tired and we no longer feel that what we are doing is worthwhile. Do we just need to be encouraged to keep doing what we have been doing? Many times the encouragement needed is to do something better. We need to become a better person. We need to develop some different qualities. We need the encouragement for the challenge. It is not enough to do what we have always done. God is calling us to do something better. May we always be receptive to prayers and the call of God to be better people for him.
Friday, February 21, 2020

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