Being Alone

Being lonely can be one of the hardest things we face. We don’t feel like people care and we wonder if we even matter. When we move or there is a change in life it can seem like we are starting all over again. We are alone and that can feel lonely. But being alone does not always mean we are lonely. Lonely is when we don’t feel a connection with other people. We don’t feel like anyone cares about us and we feel invisible. We feel like it doesn’t matter if we do anything or not.
Being alone is not lonely. Being alone is the absence of people around us right now but we may have every confidence that people love us and care about us. We know that what we do matters but we are not doing anything with someone else at the moment. Alone is when all nine kids are gone, and we have the house to ourselves. Lonely is when all nine kids are running crazy and we feel like we have no help and no one cares.
Alone time is when we see how we like ourselves. If we don’t like ourselves, we will hate to be alone with just us. We will want others to distract us from what we think about ourselves. When we are alone, we can think about important things. We can plan and believe what God has for us. When we are alone is when God speaks. We can know God loves us when we are alone with him. God is always there so we are never lonely. God also lets us be alone and realize things about our self.
It is in those alone times that can evaluate who we are. We can look at all our relationships and see more clearly. We can especially examine our relationship with God and what he wants for us. Sometimes we are alone, and he surrounds us. Sometimes we are alone so we can be tested and learn. Alone time should make us better. When we are alone, we can have our closest connection with God.
Friday, August 2, 2019

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