Being Loved

The scripture tells us love is patient and kind. Love doesn’t look out for its own interest but for the interest of others. (1Cor. 13) Love will put up with a lot and it always responds to everything in a good way. Love always looks for good in the world and does not allow evil to gain control. Love is always about what is good, right and pure and does not let the negative or evil take away the good even if it is at its own expense.

Many people don’t know how to love. They haven’t experienced it themselves and they don’t know how to put someone else’s interest above their own. It isn’t natural for them. If their world is, “Survival of the fittest,” then they must all look out for themselves. They are taught to take care of #1. No one else will take care of them if they don’t look out for themselves. Basically, they are saying no one loves them and they don’t expect it.

We can also tell people who are loved conditionally. They are loved if they behave or obey. They have met certain criteria before they are loved. They must be pretty or do favors before they are acceptable.  They must laugh at the right jokes and stroke the ego of the right people before they are allowed into the circle of conditional love. If they ever mess up or need too much, then they are out of the circle.

God loves first. He risks doing good and being rejected first. He shows his love when he creates us. He continues his love when he sacrifices for our good even when we are bad. We can refuse to do what he wants and rebel against his authority, but he knows we need him and can’t find real life on our own. He makes a way for us to be right with him. When we finally understand and respond to God’s love, it is unlimited. He loves and acts for what is best for us in every circumstance and in every way. We can never earn or deserve the love God has for us. We can only respond to the love God has by loving him back and loving other people like he loves us. 


Friday, June 22, 2018


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