Being on Restriction

Why does it seem like we can’t do anything? The only thing we can’t do is be together, but for some reason it seems we have to just sit. Many people are not working at their job, but we are also not working at our house. We can’t sweep the floor… there’s a virus. We can’t mow the lawn… there’s a virus. When we are restricted on one thing, we carry it to everything. We are not restricted in everything.
Being on restriction is the worst. We always hate being on restriction. We can’t go around other people and have fun with them. It is like having to sit in a corner in a time out. The reason for the restriction is health. Not just our health but the health and wellbeing of others. We may not be sick and there is nothing to share, but because people are afraid, we must respect their wellbeing. There is no sense making them anxious just because we don’t have anything. Restrictions are not just because of health but also because of fear.
So where are we not restricted? We are not restricted in loving people; it is just more challenging to show it when we can’t give a hug. We are not restricted in prayer or study. We are not restricted in our relationship with God. We can associate freely with him and not worry about catching anything but the Spirit.
We are not restricted in forgiving other people. It may even be easier now because we are not around them all the time. We can let go of hard feelings and be more gracious. We can make more decisions because we are not confused with more activity. We can decide to follow Jesus now even if we are restricted in activity. We can make a plan for our life when activities are open. We often have the restriction of tiredness. We can’t do it because we are too tired. This may be the time of rest before we get started on new things.  
Friday, May 1, 2020

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