Building Relationships in Christ

We do things for other people all the time. Sometimes they ask us to do them, and sometimes we just know they need it so we just do it for them. Usually it is a surprise and is appreciated. We feel a sense of accomplishment when someone likes what we do for them. It makes us feel good that we could please them. It builds a bond between people when they can enjoy doing things for each other.
We can also do things for the friends of other people. We may not know them, but someone in the family knows them and so we are accepted based on that relationship. My parents had friends that became my friends. I knew the names when I was growing up, but I was too young to interact with them. I can remember driving to college and my parents telling me this person lived in a town I would be going through and I should spend the night there. It didn’t even seem like an odd request. My parents knew them, so I was immediately accepted without question. The relationship my parents had extended to me as well.
As we age, our ages get closer together. When we were eighteen the people who were thirty were old. We wouldn’t think of them as our friends. Years later that twelve-year gap doesn’t seem very big at all. We all have grandchildren and that becomes the life-stage where we connect. Relationships are developed over a lose past association, but they become intense friendships now. It is this development that is so essential in Christ.
We also connect in our relationship with God. We may hear of people who come from another town that worshiped and worked in a similar church. We may even know some people from there that we knew in other places. We may even be doing some of the same things, and that forms a connection. People who taught in one place are accepted in another place because of the work they did for Jesus. When we do something in the name of Jesus it caries weight. We form the Jesus connection with other people as well. People who teach studies or care for needs have an immediate connection in Jesus. It is these relationships formed in Jesus that allow us to grow together into the temple of God.
Friday, January 17, 2020

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