Coming Before God

Time to come before God is hard to find. We get so many things happening that we are pulled from one thing to the next. We learn to multitask out of self-defense, not because we have a choice. We have God scheduled every week between 10:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. on Sunday. At least then we have time for him. Of course, there are so many other people to think about at that time and getting connected with them to encourage and uplift is all part of it. The songs are directed, the prayers are directed, our thoughts are directed and there was very little time for us and God. The rest of the week goes by in a blur until we are back at the same scheduled time again.
It isn’t that our scheduled worship time is bad, but it may not be enough. If we are able to concentrate and allow ourselves to be led it is great. If we are distracted by all the people around us it isn’t enough to connect us. When do we find time to come before God? It may be more about focus than anything else. If we find ourselves trying to worship while thinking of everything else couldn’t we turn that around? Couldn’t we think of God while we are doing the everything else in our life?
We still need some time and focus just with God if we want a good relationship. Prayer is typically the best time. It is a conversation with God that can be very personal. We might make a list of things to talk to God about when we get a chance rather than just throwing out a phrase as we are driving and say, “God fix it”. If we are not longer able to text and drive because of divided attention can we still pray and drive? It isn’t illegal but maybe there is more needed.
Coming before God is realizing his greatness. We are able to give him the respect he deserves when we take time to talk to God. When we study our Bible, it is taking time to listen to God. Great conversations are not just one sided. Take time to listen to God and then we can talk. We can talk about what we want but maybe we also need to include talking about what God wants. What is God doing right now that concerns us?  Maybe we should listen to his before we tell him what we want. He may have a better idea for the future.
Friday, January 10, 2020

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