Bible Bowl

Mesa Church of Christ has been devoted to the Bible Bowl ministry for many years. Bible bowl is a “favorite” for Mesa’s youth group and is an excellent way to draw enthusiasm for our young people to get involved in God’s word. The ministry brings the kids together for fellowship, competition, fun and most importantly, an exciting way to learn the bible. Our kids have studied many books of the bible through this ministry which include: Matthew, Luke, John, Acts, 1 & 2 Samuel, “Joshua, Judges, Ruth, the “Life of Moses”, Revelation and many more! This year we will be studying the book of Genesis.

Annual Bible bowl competitions are held at various congregations throughout the southwestern United States and taking road trips have always created fun and excitement for the participants. Mesa has hosted a bible bowl competition for many years and we expect to continue in this great ministry for many more years to come. Mesa’s participants have always done very well in the competitions as the trophy cases in our hallways are full of plaques and trophies! Most importantly, you can be assured that the kids have learned God’s word through the process.

The ministry is also a great way to get involved serving our Lord as there is lots of work and preparation involved in the ministry. God has blessed Mesa through this ministry and we know He will continue to provide spiritual growth to all those involved either as a participant or as ministry helper. Thank God for Bible Bowl and all those who participate. We look forward to the new season!

Mesa Bible Bowl – 2022

March 5th, 2022

“The Book of Genesis”
(Chapters 1-4; 6-9, 11-22, 24-30, 37, 39-45, 50 (Chapter 11 will be just the first 9 verses)
This particular breakdown allows us to study the four primary topics in Genesis:
We will monitor the COVID conditions in the region later in the year
  Study Questions and sectional tests for the whole book are available here on our website. If you would like the answer key, please email Brad Kerley at   We look forward to another fun year!