Education at Mesa

The apostle Paul reminds the Christians in Ephesus that God has raised up leaders in the church “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12). This is what our Education Department is all about. The following are the areas of Christian education available here at Mesa.

Children’s Education (Village Del Soul)

We use the Journeyland curriculum and developed “Village del Soul”, an immersive environment with uniquely decorated themed rooms dedicated to Bible stories, plays, and activities for our K-6th graders.

Adult Education

Bible Classes

Sundays – 9:30am
Auditorium -The gospel according to John w/ Ashby Camp
As you know, The Gospel According to John differs from the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). It not only in- cludes material about Jesus that is not found in the Synoptics and excludes material that is found in them, but it in a unique way presents the Christ event from the divine perspective. That is what Clement of Alexandria was driving at when he wrote in the late-second century, “Last of all John perceiving that the bodily (or external) facts had been set forth in the (other) Gospels, at the instance of his disciples and with the inspiration of the Spirit composed a spiritual Gospel.” John’s Gospel is incredibly deep and absolutely amazing. I have worked hard to hear John’s message accurately and look forward to sharing the fruit of that study.
Room 104 – Survey of the Bible w/ Bob Farr

Birds-eye view of the Old Testament and the New Testament–the Bible as one large continuing story!

Room 105 – Disciple Development w/ Terry Singleton
This class is a discussion of today’s disciple in comparison with Jesus disciples and the church disciples. Why do the disciples of different times look so different? What tools are available for disciples and how do we use them? To his first disciples Jesus said, “I will make you…”. What has Jesus made of us?
Wednesdays – 7:00pm
Auditorium – Short 10-15 minute Devo
Devotional will starts at 7pm then afterward we will split to separate classes.
Room 104 – The Holy Spirit through history w/ Chuck Watts
We will be exploring the role of the Holy Spirit throughout history. The goal is to understand the Holy Spirit more deeply. As that understanding grows we in turn will be impacted powerfully by the realization that this same Holy Spirit is that which indwells Christians.
Room 105 – Holiness to God (Ladies Class) w/ Honor Glenn
What does it mean to be holy? We serve a holy God who asks that his people be a holy people–both in Old and New Testament times. This class will look at what God expects of holy people and how we need and are provided with help to attain this lofty goal.

Tuesday Ladies Bible Study Room 105

Class Resumes September 13th at 10 AM
“Are Lessons of Old Relevant Today?”