Family Ministry

The family unit, no matter what its size, is extremely important to God and to us as a church. Strong families help make strong local churches, which can impact our society in a positive way. We believe in reaching the whole family and strongly desire to provide opportunities for children and teenagers to connect, form community, in age-appropriate environments where biblical truth is taught in creative and relevant ways so that it becomes the standard by which they live their lives.

A healthy home has everything to do with being a godly husband, a godly wife, and even a godly child or student.  We want to partner with parents (single and married) in their attempt to create a Christ-honoring family environment. We value seeing families transformed in their relationships with one another
as God renovates hearts!

 Our families connect through Life Groups and other activities.

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 Family Ministry Podcast

This podcast is for those looking for insight, encouragement, and understanding regarding marriage, family, and faith. In this Podcast, Joshua DuBoise addresses various topics ranging from marriage, parenting, and faith. The Family Ministry Podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast. Below are the links to all three platforms.

Family Challenge

The Family Challenge is another yearly event within the Family Ministry. Family Challenge is a take-home Family Ministry event in which every family can participate. The goal of the “Family Challenge” event is to equip and engage each family spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and verbally. The Family Challenge spans over a one-month period, integrating various challenges into the family’s daily routines. Challenges included eating family meals together (without electronics), engaging in family prayer, memorizing Bible verses as a family, and participating in family game-nights, just to name a few. 
Most Recent Family Challenge
Daniel Diet (FEBURAURY  2021)