Father God

God must have known about the relationship of father before creation. He intentionally took on the role of father. He creates man and then woman from man. When Adam saw Eve, he said she was created for him because she was taken from him. (Gen. 2:23)  He creates the capability for children to come from both parents. We know the children are ours because they came from us.

It was intentional that children develop attributes like their parents. God was counting on that with creation. Everything God created was good including the man and woman he created. God was holy, and he put good people in a good place with every advantage to continue being good. He even was there to talk with them if they had questions or didn’t understand. He was their father and that distinction for God continued. He was seen as the father even in Jesus time and Jesus referred to him as father.

It is an awesome responsibility to be in the place of God in our relationships. We are father to our children and are to raise them the best way we can. We know they were good when they were born, and we provided a good place for them. We made sure they had what they needed. We wanted so much more for them than just to be babies. That is why we got them the football as soon as they started walking. We knew they were going to be someone important some day and we told them so.

Father God is holy and expects his children to be holy. He wants them to develop the family trait of holiness. Sometimes a stray ball breaks a window and we have a mistake that is our fault even if we didn’t intend it. He doesn’t expect perfection, so he has given mercy and made grace possible. He teaches repentance, redemption and forgiveness to be the correct response to many things that go wrong. Not only does God give that to us but we give grace to others. It is so great to have such a wonderful father.


Friday, June 15, 2018

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