Finding a Church Home

When they try to sell a house, they take out the personal things in the house. No personal portraits on the walls or children’s coloring pictures on the fridge. They are staging the house so it will sell quickly. It is odd that everything that makes it look like someone lives there is taken away. No mess on the dresser, no extra shoes or things left in the corners and even some of the crowded furniture is taken away. The house needs to have furniture but not look like someone lives there. We imagine our house will look like that after we move in. Of course, we will have much more mess to move in, but it is nice to imagine.
When we look for a savior, we look for someone who will completely save us from every situation. Someone who would take away all of our sins and overlook all our faults. We look for someone who can accept us as better than we really are. We want them to think of us a holy and righteous and not find any fault with us. While forgiveness is complete with Jesus, we often don’t forgive ourselves. We want to be forgiven but we also would like for him to overlook a few things as well. We want him to accept us and love us unconditionally, but we often feel like Jesus is more like company than someone that feels like home.
When we look for a church, we want one that has everything together. We want one that is the right size. The right size is determined by the size of the church when we were growing up. People wanting a big church generally grew up in a bigger church. We pick by what it has to offer us. We can be comfortable there and we like the surroundings. We want people to treat us right and be friendly to us. We want to belong and be able to worship in a place that feels like home.
How would Jesus choose a church? Would he pick one that feels like home or the one that needs him most? Would he want to be comfortable or needed? Would it be one that is satisfied with where it is or one that sees a great need to move forward? The church that feels most like him is the one where we have worked, been involved and we are still needed. We don’t need a church with good staging so it looks like no one lives there. We need a savior where we can be honest about our sin and our forgiveness. We are looking for a church with need, mess and enough vision and mission for us to do something about it. It will feel like home soon enough.
Friday, April 23, 2021