Getting a Break

At some point all of us feel like running away. Maybe not for the same reason but we wish we could get a break in the demands, the work and the people. Not that we don’t want any of those but sometimes it can just be too much to do. We don’t usually want to be gone forever but just for a little while would be nice. We call it vacation.
Jesus is head of his church and he calls us to follow him. Church is a collection of people and not a building or set of activities. When we gather to worship Jesus, we call it church. When we are following Jesus in everyday life, we call it discipleship. Sometimes we are really involved, and we need a break from the constant demands, but it isn’t really Jesus we are running from. It is the stress of activity and constant demands. It is like some moms or dads need a break from the two-year-old they have been taking care of all week. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to be parents or don’t love their child, but the demands are unending.
When it gets really bad, we run away from God. We think that will get us out of all the rules and expectations. We could forget ourselves and not be responsible for anyone or anything including ourselves, but it doesn’t really happen. It isn’t God that makes the bad situation. When we want to blame someone, he is an easy target. We will show him by not believing in him or doing things harmful to ourselves. That doesn’t really mean we get away with anything. God doesn’t make consequences; they just naturally occur from the choices we make. If we do well things go well. If we do horrible actions or attitude it will have an affect on what happens in our relationships. We want to claim it isn’t fair but the problem is, it is absolutely fair.
The only one who gives us a break from the consequences of what we have done is God. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, when we are horrible people, we can find forgiveness and grace with God. It is easier to find grace with God than it is with other or even ourselves. God is ready and wanting us to do well. We think we can run away, and God lets us run sometimes. Until we realize our efforts are futile and we are actually running from the very person we need the most. Someone who will forgive us, understand everything we are going through, and still love us.
Friday July 12, 2019

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