Getting a Call

We get a call from our kids that they want us to come babysit. We are glad to do that, and we look forward to the time with the grandchildren. The call was an opportunity to be answered. If we had ignored the call nothing would have happened. The call had to be answered and arrangements made for us to enjoy time with the grandchildren. We see when kids are calling, and it makes us want to answer. If we get an unknown number, we might answer and might not. We don’t want to be stuck trying to tell someone why we don’t want to participate in another survey.
The call us usually specific. They want to know something or arrange for time to be spent. Sometimes people will call just to see how we are but most of the time it is specific. If we ask the telemarketer about their children or where they spent their last vacation they don’t want to talk. Jesus’ call is to follow him. He will make us fishers of men. He doesn’t ask about our last vacation or how we feel that day. He has some specific things he wants us to do when we answer his call. He is concerned about our life but there is more to life than how we feel. He calls us to something better and bigger than ourselves. It is our choice to answer the call.
God calls us to be better than who we are. He created us with a huge capacity, but we often filled ourselves from our selfish wants until we no longer resemble what God had in mind. God calls us to be holy. He calls us to be like him. It is not that we were unholy at the beginning, but we simply were innocent and inexperienced. We had no background and no history. When we pray over time for something important, we will have a story to tell. When we teach, we will have a story.
The fisherman who never went near the water has no stories of the big one that got away. A story of failure is better than no story at all. Our fishing stories with Jesus are about the ones who answered the call. The ones that got away didn’t really escape anything. They left without blessing or promise. They continue without relationship or guidance from God.  It is only when we answer Jesus’ call to follow that we can fulfill who God created us to be.
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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