Giving God a Compliment

How to we show appreciation to someone? If you are in a restaurant and get excellent service, we would show it with a tip. Compliments are given when someone does something well. We tell them what a good job they did especially if they are only 3 years old and have a new masterpiece for the fridge. The younger and more inexperience they are, the more we can tell them how well they are doing. We have a harder time if people are better at doing something on our level. When we get used to something, we don’t give compliments as easy. We have dinner every night and the recipes are not that varied, so we don’t give many compliments. “Just as good as last week,” is not really a compliment. If we do say how much we like it this week then we get questioned about why it hasn’t been good before.
Is it easy to give God a compliment? It is easy when we see a beautiful sunset or something unusual. Sunsets and sunrises come every day, but they aren’t the same. The clouds and light are different. When it is the same thing it becomes harder to express our gratitude. We are thankful for grace, redemption and forgiveness but are we more thankful today than we were last year? We can’t see those but there are times when we feel forgiven, and other days we just feel rushed.
God calls it worship. He asks for worship. Jesus even tells a Samaritan woman that God is seeking people to worship him. From the beginning people were involved in worship. We have regulations from the commandments given to Moses about worship. It has been the custom of people to come to worship and take the Lord’s supper since the beginning of the church. Praise was given to God for his protection and care. When they were threatened, they gathered together for prayer and to talk to God. Everything has been about worship to God for what he has done for us.
Since there has been so much about worship for so long why are we not better at it? After this many years and so much being written and taught, we would think that we should be experts. Yet we find ourselves faltering in our expression of praise and adoration. Maybe because it is so familiar, we don’t let it sink in and think about a way to express the meaning we know is there. Jesus doesn’t need a “Tip,” or a “Thanks,” but a genuine expression of praise. Find a way this week to feel the overwhelming love and grace of God and be able to say it back to him.
Friday, August 14, 2020

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