Going Through the Void

Why would we do anything difficult if we already know it is going to be hard? The only reason is we believe it will be worth it. Why do athletes train and work hard to be at the top of their game, and the rest of buy gym memberships and never go? We thought we would go the first day we signed up and we felt like we would be strong. We were resolved to be stronger. Then it seemed like we went through a void. Three months later we drive by the gym and feel guilty because we haven’t been back. There is a difference when we do something because we believe in it, and when we just wish it was already done.
When Jesus began teaching and healing everyone though he was great. It wasn’t long till he found opposition from the Jewish leaders. Eventually some of his disciples didn’t understand his teaching and they left. The harder it was the more people left. Jesus knew the end of his life would be most painful and difficult. He didn’t try to get out of it. He went through it to become the redeemer of us all. What was the difference in the twelve? Judas finally acted on what he could get out of it and the others went through to what God could do with it. They finally realized it was never about them.
We begin the Christian life surrounded by people who have studied with us and care about us. We even go to church a few times. It isn’t long before the excitement wears off and we are lost in the void. We reach a decision point of going through or taking the easy way and doing what we want. We keep going and even become involved. We taught class or become active in a ministry. God seems to fill us more because of our efforts. We don’t worship just because someone would call if we didn’t show up. We come because we talked to God that week and talked to other people about God. We could see things God was doing around us in people we met. We had a different attitude because we believed we were loved by God. We saw people who were struggling, and being the giver of a little grace changed our outlook. We thought about how God had given us grace and so we wanted to find someone else to gift with grace. We gave it to our children and friends. The more people we found to forgive and help the more it changed us, and we understood we were doing the work of God. We found Jesus in our life, not just trying to follow a list of rules. The people of God became our people. The work of God became our work. We are most blessed because we came through.
Friday, April 10, 2020

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