Great People

What stands in the way of us being great people? We can usually point to several reasons why we would not be considered a great person. If people ask us if we are great, most people will say no. Some say yes, but they don’t really mean it. It may depend on the definition of great and who the audience is. To our grandchildren we may be great because we just bought them ice cream but to our boss not so much. There are lots of ways we can measure greatness. We can call someone great because of fame, wealth, ability, popularity or work. We produce something great; we manage something great, we hit a ball perfectly, or we have great relationship. There are so many ways to measure greatness, surely there is some way that can be considered great.
We read of the disciples of Jesus arguing about who was the greatest. We don’t exactly what they thought made one greater than another, but we know they were comparing and competing. Jesus thinks it is important enough to step in and correct their view of themselves. He tells them the greatest will be their servant. That could help define who was greatest but that usually ends the discussion. We don’t want to be considered great because of our service.
There is one opinion that matters more than all the others. Who are great people to God?  Jesus taught that great people are servants. They are the ones that God finds already working even before they have been assigned the task. They do it because God needs it. God’s standard is to compare us to Jesus. We realize what greatness is when we look at Jesus. It isn’t what he does with a ball but the truth that he lives that makes him great.
We can also feel good about ourselves when we look at how God has taken care of us. God takes away our sin and mistakes and makes us holy before him. God wants us to share his glory which is great on any level. God takes away the argument about who is the greatest by also giving us the understanding that he has made us great. We are redeemed and forgiven and conformed to the image of Jesus. We don’t argue about greatness, we worship about the greatness of God and how he has allowed us to share in his glory. God makes us great people.
Friday, May 21, 2021