Growing Up in Him

When we first begin to follow Jesus, we realize how much he is doing for us. He wants a relationship with us that will allow us to have a relationship with God. Jesus is never the end of the journey where he wants to know us and only us. It is first a relationship with God where we are forgiven and redeemed so that we can approach God. Our past sins are taken away and we are made clean in him. Jesus also has a whole fellowship of those redeemed and forgiven where he wants us to be a part. It is not just a connection with Jesus without being part of everyone else.
When we become a Christian, we focus on that it means to be free from our sin, from our past and from anything that would keep us away from Jesus. It is all new to us and we need to learn the basics of how we are forgiven and redeemed. We become a new creature in Christ and we want to know what that looks like. What is expected of us as we take on the forgiveness of Jesus and realize it is a whole new fellowship of believers. Jesus is never an isolated relationship even when he was here on earth. There were 12 called disciples and usually many people who were following.
As we grow in Christ, we realize that part of what we do is still part of the same process. We understood Christ enough to begin the relationship but some of what we were taught doesn’t quite fit. Some of our assumptions about life and holiness fall short of the full understanding of God. Jesus is not just there to bring about salvation but also to bring maturity in Christ. Whether it is salvation or maturity there is one common goal of being pleasing to God.
The baby born in the family has a lot to contribute but it is not conversation, work, or money. They come with a tremendous amount of need but are accepted immediately into the family and all of the family understands this new person is part of us. Love is given and exchanged even if it is shown in some unusual ways. We expect and are proud when the child grows and can bring ideas, thoughts, love, joy, communication, and help to the family. Eventually the child grows enough where he is bringing in others to the family. He becomes older and wiser and the encourager of the younger ones as they grow. This process is important for the family. This process is important in Christ as we help those drawn to Jesus to realize their full fulfillment in Christ.
Friday, January 24, 2020

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