His Grace Reaches Me

One of the songs we sing contains the line, “His grace reaches me.” The great
realization about grace is that it is not just a theory out there somewhere. This
grace really does reach us. We can live in his grace as people who have moved
to a new level.
The first thought about grace is that grace is for our sin. The price of sin is death.
We cannot pay that high a price for our mistakes and things we have done wrong
on purpose or by accident. God sent his son to die on a cross so the price for
our sin could be paid. Jesus gave up the glory of heaven and came to be born
on earth knowing he would lay down his perfect life for our sin. In this way Jesus
redeems us by paying the price for our sin. Jesus would live his life to teach
us how to live and believe in God. His healing and example display how to live
eternal life in a physical earth. Both were involved in the process. It is this grace
that is found in the covenant we make with God. The price has been paid but the
reality of that grace is only found in the covenant with God. We deal with our sin
by deciding never to do it again and turning our life around in such a way that we
will not engage in that behavior anymore. It is called repentance. We then put that
old self to death and are buried in water called baptism we no longer have sin
or shame. Jesus has promised that people who believe in him and his sacrifice
and who choose to enter the covenant through repentance and baptism will be
reached by his grace.
This grace also brings eternal life. Not that we live longer than anyone else, but
we live on an eternal spiritual level that we didn’t have access to with no covenant.
God lives in the eternal realm. With this grace we enter the eternal realm of God
by being given his Holy Spirit to live in us. The result of our life is defined by the
goodness of God rather than by the disaster of circumstance. His grace does
reach us and allows us to live an abundant life because of his abundant grace.

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