Leaders from God

God raises up leaders when he wants to do something with his people. When God does raise up a leader, it is usually because someone is in trouble. They are usually in captivity or some distress and they want deliverance, so they pray to God. When God answers their prayer, it is not always in the way they thought it should be answered.  The type of deliverance is not usually the same as the previous ones. God will send someone to deliver in a completely new way.
Often the leader God chooses to raise up is an ordinary person that is very unlikely. Their skill in leadership is not the major factor, it is the fact that God is raising them up. Sometimes they object and don’t think they are up to the task. That is no excuse with God, and he works with them until their faith is developed enough to see that God is in charge. Sometimes they don’t even fight the battle, they just need to pray and point people to God and watch as he arranges their deliverance.
Often the leader looks like the task that is needed. God takes people from very different places and can be with them and make them the great leader needed for the task at hand. That particular leader would not work in another situation. We would never think of Sampson and Jesus trading place. Sampson may be effective against Pharisees in a different way than Jesus, but it would not produce what God intended. Some are the leader that was needed at a certain place and time, but would not be effective at other times.
We may think our prayers should be answered the way we want. We want leaders to lead us like we want to be led. God may have a different idea. While it may be that God raises up a leader from the prayers of his people, his people must be willing to accept who he chooses. It is often someone ordinary who feels unworthy. The main thing we need to do is be ready to follow when God raises up a leader. God is always the real leader. When we follow him, and those he chooses to lead us, we will always find deliverance.
Friday, January 31, 2020

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