Making the Difference

It is always difficult to tell the story of a woman from a man’s point of view. It always feels like something is missing. We can never quite fully understand or appreciate what they go through. This is especially true of mothers. There is something in that bond that is just unexplainable. We know that Eve is essential to Adam and to his well-being. That seems small in comparison to what mothers do in raising children.
There are many great mothers, and they are usually judged in how their child turns out. That is not a good assessment of what they have done. We can certainly give credit to mother when we turn out well. We cannot blame a mother when children don’t turn out well.  We see some with one good and another not so good. There is a Cain but also an Abel. Some of it may be in how they were raised but a lot of it is being a parent to different personalities. Eve raised both children and mother to both. No two children are alike and each one responds to their mother’s care.
Mothers are to be given honor by those who know her best. She is respected and praised by her husband and her children. All of the work and effort she put in to raising her children should come back to her. Even if we can see all the activity she does in being a mother we cannot understand the care and concern she has for her family. She will protect them when her own life is at risk. She will do what is best for them instead of herself.
One of the best things mothers do is share their faith. They are able to teach their children about God and keep him in their home. Mothers set the tone for how much God will be part of the family. Paul even indicates that Timothy’s faith came from his grandmother and mother. We learn faith at an early age from our mother first. Great men of faith always had great women of faith in their life. The reason we have done well is because there was a woman in our life who made the difference.
Friday, May 8, 2020



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