May I Call You Father?

Most of us have good memories of our father. He was the one you went to when mom wouldn’t let you. Dad was also the on who didn’t let you get away with things. When he made the rule, it was to be followed and we knew we had to do it. He was the one who put together what came in the mail or was bought at the store that, “Required Assembly.” He was the one who made the trips happen whether a vacation or a camping trip. Mom might have planned most of it but it was usually dad who made it all happen. He was also the one who did the talking when a serious conversation was required. It usually started from something we did wrong but sometimes it was just good life advice. The kind that happens when something is broken, like a bicycle or a heart and he can give you a different perspective.
One of the best blessings is we can be children of God. Not just acting like children who don’t appreciate, but that we can be children with a father who cares. How would we be children to a heavenly father? First is to recognize that he has authority and say in our life. We are not someone else’s children; we are children of God by choice. We choose him to be our father, to take care of us, to be there when things fall apart and to give us direction. Life can be confusing sometimes, and we need to know how to handle it. God has given us the way to handle our life and he is an example of how to deal with others.
Jesus calls himself the son of God. He is actually God himself but when he is born on earth, he assumes the role of being son of the Father in heaven. He is the example of doing the will of the Father. He is about the agenda of God and he uses the gifts of God to carry out his purpose. He accepts the role of son of God even though he had every right to be the God of heaven and earth. Isaiah even calls Jesus eternal father. (Isa. 9:6)
It means Jesus will be like his father. He is more than a servant or prophet of God; he is all the characteristics of a loving God who will spread is love to the neighborhood so he might bless his children. Even if that means he will act like his father and love enemies that he might bless those who believe. We also ask God if we can call him Father and be his child. To people who believe he gives us the right to become children of God. (John 1:12) God’s children will act like him and love others because God loves them.
Friday, June 12, 2020

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