Minister Search

We are glad you found your way to this web page. If you are here, we assume you are interested in the preacher selection process that is ongoing in our congregation here at Mesa. You will find lots of information on this page about current committee activities; prayer campaign information; a history of recent major communications / documents; and FAQ’s. There is also information about the committee members and their responsibilities (see the links below). We will do our best to keep things updated on this page until a new minister for Mesa is chosen.

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The selection process that was chosen by the leadership is new to Mesa. We are VERY excited about the process developed by Interim Ministry Partners (IMP). (For more information, visit the Interim Ministry Partners website.) If we take the time to engage in the process, we as individuals will draw nearer to God, and our church will have a greater dedication to a new vision and mission. We are thankful to God that the elders chose this process. So, let’s all engage and take advantage of the transition period so we can improve our relationship with God! All this for his Glory!

Preacher Selection Process

The search process is broken up into four phases:
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Current Committee Activities

September 22
Ideal Candidate Description
The committee is working hard to gather all the pertinent information gathered from the assessments. This information will be used to create an ideal candidate profile that we will send to the Elders for their approval. Once an approved profile is ready, it will be sent to our “recommenders” who will help us identify qualified candidates. This work is part of the Identification phase (phase 2) of the overall process. If you have any questions about the “Identification” phase, please see Phase 2 FAQs.
Infographic presented on September 19
Pray, Pray, Pray
Any questions? If you have any questions about the work the committee is doing, please email us at
More info and archived updates can be found here.

Prayer Plan

Throughout this time of transition, we are asked to participate in four on-going avenues of prayer, in addition to our own intimate time with our Father.
  1. 10-2-4 Prayer Plan – At those times of the day, we want to pray for the past, present and future of our congregation. Yes this involves our preacher selection process, but a lot more. We want to be thankful for the people and God’s guidance that has brought the Mesa Congregation to where it is. We want to pray for its present, her elders, and this process; and we want to pray for our future.
  2. Prayer Room – It is set up across the hall from our Admin Offices. Please visit as often as you can. It is a quiet place where one can go to be alone with God. And please remember to write in our Prayer Journal as that journal will be given to our next pulpit minister upon arrival.
  3. Weekly Prayer Plan (PDF)- It is an aid to focus our prayers on a broad area each day throughout the week, and when that week is over, we start at the beginning.
  4. Worship In Prayer – There will be several such occasions.  Our first Worship In Prayer service will be on Sept 5th.
More will follow as we get further into our selection process. These are all on-going prayer avenues as we seek God’s guidance in our selection process and to lift His Name and that of our Lord Jesus.