Where can God use your talents?



We come into the presence of God knowing we are not worthy of Him except by his love and grace he has offered us. He has offered and we have come together to experience and accept the love of God and share that love with each other in song, prayer, and through scripture. We follow the pattern we see in the New Testament in our worship. They were acceptable to God and he was powerful in their lives. We believe the same things is possible today. We give honor, glory and praise to God as we join together in worship to Him.



The Mesa Youth Group’s goal is to create an environment where students can learn how to make wise choices, have the support from peers, and be apart of ministry through service. We don’t just want to create the leaders of tomorrows church but be active in it today.
We try to create opportunity for parents and teens to engage in the spiritual journey of life together. 


Jesus took a child and said he wanted us to be like the child. Jesus blessed children and they are very important to him. We see in children the humble honesty that allows us to see Jesus. They are looking for Jesus as a person who loves them and will take care of them. They felt safe with Jesus.
To help children we built Village del Soul as a way of discovery learning. Children come to different places to learn about Jesus and discover how His story applies to their life. They get a chance to learn what God has done in the Bible by learning the Bible stories as well as practical application for their life.





The Media Ministry’s goal is to support the worship service experience. Through technology we help provide multimedia resources help make worship service and bible classes run smooth. Such media includes the presentation of slides for both songs and sermon, audio amplification, video streaming and recording, and the church website.


Family Ministry’s goal is to give parents and caregivers a deep conviction in knowing that they are primarily responsible for disciplining their children. Furthermore, the goal is to equip and encourage families to be so Christ-centered that their faith is not only passed from one generation to the next, but each family is a living sermon that preaches Christ to the world.


We are a resource for you to discover what they Bible says and what God wants. Sometimes it can be confusing to read the Bible for yourself. We encourage you to read and understand what God has said. We give explanations in a simple way that can help us know exactly how to please God. Our classes range from practical Christianity to scholarly book studies. Each person decides what they believe but sometimes it help to talk with others about exactly what is said. God does reveal himself and wants us to know him.