Our Vision

“Seek Jesus, Find Jesus, Share Jesus”


Equip the family of God to be Jesus in the home, the community, and the world

Seek Jesus

Jesus says those who seek will find. (Matt 7:7) It is only by doing our own seeking and being open to the process of looking that we discover God. We can’t be given the answers and get the same result. Because seeking and looking can be a frustrating experience we are here to help people on their journey to seek who Jesus is for themselves. The result is that we will find someone precious.

Find Jesus

There are many counterfeits that are being passed off as original. Counterfeit money, paintings and even Christians. Jesus calls disciples to follow him so they can find. The early disciples found and believed Jesus to be the Son of God. It didn’t all come the first day. Finding Jesus takes some time to discover what you really have and what he is worth.

Share Jesus

Once we have found Jesus for ourselves then we can share Jesus. We don’t offer him as the answer to all your problems but the will make sense of your life as you discover his will. He is the Son of God and his words are eternal life.  (John 6:63,68) We share his words so other people can discover Jesus and how to have this full, abundant, eternal life.

Our Values

Bible-based   (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
God-loving – (Luke 10:27)
Christ-centered(Galatians 2:20)
Grace-oriented    (Romans 3:20-24)
Spirit-led, worship(John 4:24)
People-loving   (John 13:34)