Ordinary Amazing

Some people have incredible ability that is God given. If we think about Noah building an Ark or Moses leading people through the desert for 40 years, we realize they were blessed by God. Sampson was incredibly strong but at the time when the spirit of the Lord came on him. God does have some super people that do great things, but it is because of God. He isn’t strong all the time, only when it was needed for God. When he isn’t doing something amazing for God, he is ordinary. Some people are ordinary and don’t have extra ability. They show up and are there at the right time and place and God works with them to deliver or bless. The timing and logistics of the ordinary are amazing also.
What is most impressive is how many of the people that do great things for God are just ordinary people. The disciples are not chosen for their skill and their quick learning ability. They are chosen because they are ordinary and can relate to other people. When Jesus comes, we are told there was nothing exceptional about his appearance. He appeared to be an ordinary person and maybe that is why so many had a difficult time seeing him as messiah.
When we think of ordinary people, we are a truly incredible creation. The creation of a circulatory system, a nervous system, a breathing system and the fact that much of the time we are self-healing it is not so ordinary. That we can pull oxygen our of the air and put it into our blood stream for it to bring it to our cells is staggering. And that every mother does that creation in every child that is born is truly ordinary. Ok, amazingly ordinary because it happened to all of us. What we do in a day with God working within us is amazing.
The fact that Jesus died on a cross to forgive our sin and save our soul is not ordinary. When we think of the mistakes that we have made, we feel less than ordinary. Our mistakes and sins bring us to our lowest point. When God forgives it brings us to our highest point. God’s recreation of who we are in him is amazing. When we are able to go from sin and darkness to light and love is incredible. When we combine our faith and spirits into being the people of God it is truly extraordinary.
Friday, February 14, 2020

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