Our Personal Savior

Christianity has always been personal, but now the emphasis is about it being personal. Several years ago, the question was whether Jesus was our personal savior. The trend was to make Jesus our personal savior in a different way from him being savior to everyone else. Having Jesus as our savior is personal, but it must be done the same way for every single person. Jesus does not change his mind and allow some people to be saved one way while completely overlooking some behavior and activities of others. It always takes repentance, baptism and discipleship for every person.
Worship has changed to include more options in recent times with the precautions of spreading a virus. Now we are participating in worship online. We are in zoom classes or just left with a video to watch. Worship is personal because we can do it any way we want. We are left to decide which way to do worship and make it meaningful to us. Attendance at a build was always the way worship was to be done before but now that same worship can be done at home or in another location. Sometimes families or small groups gather to worship. Some will be alone and watch worship streamed. Some type comments to each other as they watch an online presentation. 
Some complained before about the corporate worship for different reasons. The question becomes, “Is it better now that we are responsible for the logistics of our worship?” Have we been able to find a much more personal worship of Jesus? Is our learning more personal now that we choose our Bible study? We have the opportunity to see tremendous growth in individuals because there are more tools available. Either that or we can ignore everything because no one is forcing us to do it a certain way.
Does greater freedom bring greater growth? Some now will watch several sources for their worship on Sunday. Some may not engage at all. When we do come back together will the church Jesus is building be stronger or weaker? Will we be more personal about our salvation or will we be apathetic? Jesus tells a parable of three servants given an amount from the master to use while the master is gone. (Matt. 25:14-30) Two of them invest and gain more. One of them is afraid and does nothing. Each one is personally responsible for what happens with the master’s gift. Will we do better when we can be responsible for our own development?
Friday, September 4, 2020

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