Ready for the Fight

Our books, movies, and other entertainment is filled with struggle and the fight. We fight over many things. We fight for respect, for land, for money, and for progress. We fight an enemy across a valley or sometimes within ourselves. A lot of the struggle we see between people is about selfishness. We want something and another person has it. We struggle with the feelings while another person is jealous of us. The cycle keeps going and fights break out.
We look at the fights that occur in the Bible and many of them are about what is righteous. God may be blessing his people and so he helps them win the battle. It could also be that his people have abandoned God and he is raising up someone else to teach them a lesson. When they realize their mistake, it takes another fight to bring them back to the place God gave them. God is always involved in the struggle for his people to be righteous.
Our fight against evil may take many forms. It is not so clear as finding the person dressed in black wearing a black hat. Most of the time the enemy is not so obvious. The place where the fight occurs may be in the world or it may have come inside us. The fight is with our passion and desire. Ephesians 2 describes it as with the prince of the power of the air who is at work in disobedient people. That makes a huge enemy. There was a time we didn’t have God. Jesus has given us opportunity to be his children.
We fight to keep our own nature like the nature of Jesus. It is so easy to look out for ourselves and for what we want. When we surrender to God, we give up the desire for selfish things. We look for the things God wants. We fight for his righteousness and his kingdom. The battle takes place in the hearts of people as they turn from darkness to light. It is a battle worth fighting, but we must be careful to fight like Jesus. He is the one who has won the victory.
Friday, April 17, 2020

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