Relative Danger

There are dangers around us. Sometimes it is a virus keeps us indoors. Danger is always relative. When we were children, we were not allowed to cross the street. There are all kinds of bad things that can happen if we cross the street. We might be lost, and no one can find us. We might get hit by a car. Someone might kidnap us. We might get injured when there is no one around to help. Moms were concerned and the list grew if they knew we were contemplating such dangers.
One of the unnecessary dangers from childhood is the roller coaster. It makes no sense to put your life in such danger. The first thing they do is climb a very steep hill much higher than any place we should be allowed to go. The next step is to drop you off the edge of this steep climb that sends you hurtling toward the ground at 65 miles per hour. Just in the nick of time the track bends and you go flying up again. This is called fun. It makes some of us sick. For some reason this is allowed if we are strapped into a little car connected with other little cars on a track.
Danger is part of life. We use danger. Sometimes we are afraid of danger and sometimes we enjoy it. We like being scared some of the time but not other times. When we have the illusion of control, we enjoy the danger. When something seems beyond our control, we are afraid and avoid it. When we let God have control the danger is there but there is no reason to fear.
When Jesus called his disciples, he was calling them into danger. He knew he would end with a cross. There were too many prophecies to think otherwise. If he was crucified there was the danger that his disciples would be also. Some of them were. When Jesus calls us to follow it is a danger. Danger is relative. The most dangerous time is to face life without Jesus. Make sure when you stay at home Jesus is there. Let God have control of your life. If we are told to stay in, then stay in. We have made a way to worship God together in a safe place. Take advantage of the times when you can honor God in your life.
Friday, April 3, 2020

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