Past Updates

September 22, 2021

Ideal Candidate Description
The committee is working hard to gather all the pertinent information gathered from the assessments. This information will be used to create an ideal candidate profile that we will send to the Elders for their approval. Once an approved profile is ready, it will be sent to our “recommenders” who will help us identify qualified candidates. This work is part of the Identification phase (phase 2) of the overall process. If you have any questions about the “Identification” phase, please see Phase 2 FAQs.
Infographic presented on September 19
Pray, Pray, Pray
Any questions? If you have any questions about the work the committee is doing, please email us at

September 11, 2021

Congregational Survey Presentation – The eldership and the committee will be presenting the highlights of the survey results during the Sunday morning Bible class time on September 19. We will have combined classes to include our Spanish brothers and sisters and all adult and teen classes (Village del Sol ages and below will meet as normal). There will NOT be a livestream for the presentation, but it will be recorded and shared with members of the body that are unable to participate. Live streaming of our worship service will continue as normal once the presentation is completed. 
The survey data revealed several major themes and multiple areas where we can refocus and improve in the kingdom. We plead with all of you to attend as the presentation will reveal important information and critical steps going forward. Your attendance is very important! 
Pray, Pray, Pray
Any questions? If you have any questions about the work the committee is doing, please email us at

August 7, 2021

Congregational Survey
The Search Process begins not by searching but by listening. One way to listen to our congregation is to survey individual members. Through the survey data, we will be listening to you and gathering information that will help us in our search for a new pulpit minister; as well as identification of future teaching opportunities. Starting August 1 (and for the next fifteen days–through August 15), we will be listening to you and gathering information that will help us in our search for a new pulpit minister.

Here are a few facts and recommendations for you as you prepare to take the survey:
      • The survey will be offered to you via an on-line link through an email from the church office — this is the most efficient way for us to collect your responses.
      • We need the participation of EVERYONE at the Mesa Church–your input is vital for the process. Lowest age recommended is 12 years of age. It is suggested that the adults in the family take the survey first and then make the decision if you want your younger family members to participate.
      • NOT one survey per family! Every person is different and has different views and opinions.
      • If you absolutely cannot take the survey on-line, we will make paper/pencil surveys available to you in the Welcome center. A drop box will also be available in the Welcome center for you to drop off the completed survey.
      • If you don’t have access to a computer or tablet, and you would prefer taking the survey online vs. hard copy, please contact the church office to schedule a time when you can take the survey with a committee member.
      • The survey is COMPLETELY confidential and anonymous! Please be genuine and honest in your responses.
      • The survey is 65 questions and it will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please plan on taking the survey in one sitting as the survey will not save your place if you choose to stop and finish later.
      • Please do not procrastinate! Please plan to take the survey as soon as it comes out on Sunday, August 1st!

The survey is comprised of four basic sections:
  1. Demographics (like gender, age, ​how many ​​family members​, length of time at the ​Mesa church, etc.)​​
  2. Personal Spiritual Health (e.g., how often do you read the Bible?​ What sins do you struggle with?)
  3. Church Culture (e.g., How well do you understand the church’s mission and vision? ​ How involved are you in a ministry?​)
  4. Minister Preferences (e.g., Which is more important to you in a minister: inspiring sermons or visiting the hospitals?)​​

As the survey process begins, the committee will be proving updates on progress. Once all the data is
compiled, the elders or committee will share the results with the congregation.
Please pray about the survey, make time, be honest and genuine in your responses!
Thanks in advance for taking the survey!

July 25, 2021

  • Committee members are learning their responsibilities and preparing for next steps
  • Implementation and Communication of the Congregational assessments (survey)
  • Initial stages of Kingdom and Community assessments
  • Communication of the “Prayer Campaign” to the body
  • Ongoing meetings to push the processes forward