Check-in System Info & FAQ

We are using a Check-In system for Sunday morning classes and Children’s Bible Hour. The following are some helpful instructions to make the process simple for everyone! 
We are using a system called Planning Center Check-Ins. It’s a really easy process, and you can make it even easier and faster to use with just a few simple steps!
With Check-Ins, you simply go to a check-in station (for now, in the nursery and upstairs) and give your name. Then, the volunteers look up your household and print name stickers for your kids and a pick-up  slip for the parent. When it’s time to pick up your kids, you simply show them the pick-up slip and they release your kids!

How can I make this easier or faster?

Simple! You can download the Church Center app on your Apple or Android device!
Just log in with your phone number and use the check-in tab to pre-check your family. It will make a QR code that the check-in staff can scan and instantly print your labels!

Special Note:

Check-In is required to attend any children’s classes and must be performed by a parent or guardian. Children will not be released freely at the end of class. They must be picked up by their parent, guardian, or trusted pick-up person.

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why are you doing this?
    • Because parents have asked for it! As our group of children participating in Children’s Ministry programming has grown over the years (We have over 100 children registered across all of our programs!), it has become clear that we need to be able to manage the flow of children and ensure that they are returned to their parents at the end of class.
  • What system are you using?
    • We are currently using Planning Center Check-Ins. This online-based check-in system is very robust and inexpensive. It allows us to designate rooms and age ranges, as well as regular members, guests, and volunteers. Background checks for volunteers are integrated right into the application.
  • So this system is online? How can I be sure that my personal data is secure?
    • Planning Center encrypts all user and personnel data. They double and triple check their programming code and constantly test their systems for breaches and attack vulnerabilities. To date, they’ve never had an attack or breach of their systems. For more details on their security practices, visit
  • How does it work?
    • Parents bring their kids up to the check-in station in the lobby/foyer. The check-in staff finds the name of the family on their app and checks-in the kids to their respective classrooms. Then, they print name labels for each of the kids. They look like this:They also print a pick-up label, it looks like this: When class is over, parents come to the check-in station and show the pick-up barcode to the staff, they scan it with their app and the children associated with that code are released!
  • How can I make the check-in process go faster?
    • It’s easy! If you don’t want to spend time searching for your family at the check-in station, you can download the Church Center app to your phone or mobile device. It works on iOS or Android devices. On the Church Center app, you can precheck your family and generate a barcode that can be scanned at the check-in station for instant check- in! The app icon looks like this:
Thank you for your patience as we run these tests and work out the kinks! Together, we can ensure the safety and security of all of our children!