Serve Like Jesus

Some people will do whatever they are asked to do. They are always willing to help and make life easier for someone else. Others will help if you give them a good reason to help. We can ask them to help but we will need to explain the need and why it is important. Some are willing to help for a reason and they also need to know that it is specific to them and not just because no one else is willing. Some are willing to do their fair share. Their fair share means just a little bit less than everyone else. They are willing to help but they don’t want to be stuck with more than everyone else. Some are only willing to help if we can’t find anyone else. They would rather someone else do it but if there is no one else, then they will help. Some will serve even when they don’t want to and will let everyone know how much they don’t want to do it.
Which one of those is the servant Jesus was talking about? Jesus claimed he came not to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45) Jesus is a servant because he does something for others at his expense. He teaches his disciples to be servants. Their initial serving is for their advantage. If they can gain some power or influence, then they are willing to serve.
Jesus answer about being a servant is in response to them asking about places of honor. Can they sit in positions of prestige and power in the new kingdom? When Jesus asks them what they are willing to do to gain such an advantage they insist they are able to do anything required. Doesn’t that seem a little bit backward? A servant then is someone who will act on behalf of others if he gets a reward for it? He is serving others, but it is in order to gain advantage for himself.
Jesus comes to give advantage to us. He knows that it will take suffering on his part to give us grace. We have defined who is a servant in terms of the task rather than the people. Who ever is willing to do anything is considered a servant because they did something. When we define a servant as doing anything even for our own benefit, we have lost the concept Jesus was teaching. Only when we serve like Jesus can we be his disciples.
Wednesday, June 24, 2020


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