Some One At the Other End

It is hard to get away from people. Roads are designed to connect people and places where people want to live and travel. We don’t usually build a road that goes nowhere. It may be that whatever was at the end of the road is gone. It may be the road just ended because there was no reason for it to go further. When I was growing up, I lived in a town where the road just ended. A favorite Sunday afternoon drive was to drive out to the end of the road. Not for any purpose, but just because there was a place of nowhere and then you could come back.
People are everywhere. We have more accessibility to each other with more connections than ever before, but it has not developed better relationships. We have handheld devices that travel with us that not only call but also text, face-time, tweet, and post. We sit next to other people with their devices texting people or just posting but not speaking to each other. Sometimes we are all in the same family.
We end up being alone with others and it has become perfectly normal. We can go to an event and experience it individually and personally but with out any connection to each other. It is like the road that goes nowhere. The text that is unanswered. The call that goes to voicemail. The post that may not get any likes. Maybe we are alone. We are here and we think we are talking, but the other end of the conversation is missing.
Sometimes with prayer we are not sure anyone is there because we can’t see God or hear his answer. We can’t see the person in a call, a text, a tweet or a post. We can see the like or the return text. We just need to see God’s answer with prayer. We need to know he is there and loving and leading us. We must pay attention to the little things that work out from prayer. They are generally bigger than a “thumbs up” symbol but our response is, “What a coincidence.”  It isn’t a coincidence at all. God answers much better than our ways of communicating. He is always there on the other side of the conversation.
Friday, August 9, 2019

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