Something Always Happens

Being with other people is fun. We enjoy the interaction and the shared interests. We can talk about a lot of things we enjoy doing together. Spending time together is one of our favorite things to do. We like it when it is fun and isn’t too hard to do. If it involves a lot of planning, that cuts some of us out. We don’t like all the getting ready.
When there is something to be done that has a lot of moving parts and takes planning, we can tell who is dependable. The people who will be there when there is actual work to do seem small compared to the ones who want to have fun. Jesus didn’t call the disciples to just come over and hang out. They understood from the very beginning they were to be, “fishers of men” and at the least they would be helping with the crowd and sometimes being the one who taught. Jesus did not ask them if they felt like passing out fish and bread or cleaning up after. They knew that came with being a disciple of Jesus. They would need to do whatever he needed.
The together time in the New Testament is usually a time of either work or worship. They came to the apostles teaching but that would also mean they were learning, not just watching. They spread the word because they had learned the story and were excited to share it. Most of what we see recorded is the working together. When Acts talks about the time they were just together, it says they were, “Devoted to fellowship.” (Acts 2:42) That seems a lot more intense than lemonade on the patio.
There is a time when Christians come together. We come together for worship but that is not to be a spectator of worship. That is to be involved in singing the songs and learning from the other people around. There is a time of service to other people when we do what they need. We are lifting people up and encouraging them in the struggle they are having this week. Prayer is more than just a list and saying, “God bless them.” When we come together it is powerful because we came follow Jesus and do what he wants done.
Friday, August 16, 2019

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