Stay Hungry

We have learned that we grow and develop. We started doing it before we even realized it. We came in as a baby, but we didn’t stay that way. We grew and before we realized it we were learning words and how to get around better. We would brag about being big and we wanted to be like all those people taller than us. Our favorite phrase came to be, “I do it myself.” We didn’t really decide to develop but parents would have been very concerned it we didn’t develop. It just came naturally because we are meant to grow and develop.
Kids go to school to develop even further. They learn important skills like reading, writing and math. They learn those things so they can live in the world on their own and take care of themselves. We go from living with parents to being able to have kids and provide for them.
Our Christianity develops also as a natural process. We learn first stories of God and the things Jesus taught. We learn why we are here and how God has made everything. We also learn about sin and part of development is how to fix what goes wrong. We first start with law as a child and with God. Do what is right and don’t do wrong only to realize we forgot to do some things and intentionally did some things forbidden. Part of growing is learning the best way to deal with our failure. We come to realize the grace of God and how different it is from the demands of rules.
All of these concepts and insights allow us to develop in a different way. We are no longer babies even we become bald and don’t have any teeth. It is this development that has made the difference. Each new thing we learn brings us to a new level. It brings more opportunities that were not there before. That is true in Christ. Our learning of what it will be like when we move on to new worlds was first learned here. We can grasp there is more. So, stay hungry for Christ. Learn all you can, and it will open new worlds.
Friday, August 30, 2019

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