Sticky People

How do we get peanut butter off a spoon?  Lick it off. We can’t just wash it off. It seems easy but because it is sticky, we can’t quite get rid of it. The main question is why were we using a spoon with peanut butter? By the time a child has peanut butter all over their hands we don’t even want to touch them. We get ourselves in sticky situations. How do we get out? At first, we just try to brush it off and let it be gone but it doesn’t go. When the brushing doesn’t work, we try just pulling it off. If we can get hold of it, we can intentionally get rid of it and put it somewhere else. What if we can’t even pull it off? We can’t get hold of it or it would damage the place where it is stuck. Do we pull on it till it rips a hole or do we just leave it alone and learn to live with it?
Sins are sticky. They don’t seem to just fall off and go away. We must do something to purposefully get rid of them. We apologize to the person we offended and sometimes they will say, “Its all right” but we know it wasn’t. The relationship changes and we tend to avoid each other. That relationship goes the way so many others have gone. After awhile we can look around and we know why things don’t work. We can point to all the past problems people have had with each other and it is a wonder that church can even function.
How tightly does sin stick to us? We remember the mistakes we made, and they make us feel bad. We remember our sins a lot more than we remember our blessings. If someone else bring them up again, we are still to blame for them. Would we be ok if we didn’t think other people would remember it? It was big enough that other people knew and now we are sure when they look at us, they still remember. We are awkward and it don’t feel like God has been about to do anything among his people.
Forgiveness should take away any sin stuck to us if we would believe it. Even if someone did bring it up, we could just tell them we are forgiven. When Jesus died on a cross for our sins it took away all the sticky. We accept his blood and make covenant with him and it cleanses us from all sin. That means we are clean and free from anything sticky, but we must live like it. Now imagine a church that has had all sins forgiven. We don’t blame or remember any sins anymore. There is nothing to stand in the way of relationships. There is no awkwardness because people are sticky. What a joy it is to be around people who rejoice that their sins have been taken away.

Friday, September 6, 2019

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