Striving to be like Jesus

What Jesus Is

We believe that to be a christian is to be more like Jesus everyday. We do that by following His example in many aspects of our life.



Jesus promised he would build his church. Matt 16:18  We recognize and accept the fact that he is building his church. We are working with him but he is the master builder. Just as Jesus called followers in the New Testament we are people who follow Him. Jesus is building his church in our culture and in our time. Some things he has always wanted and we call it tradition. Some things are heart issues and he wants people of faith to live his will in this world.



God is real and he has spoken. John calls Jesus the word of God and says that word became flesh and lived among us. (John 1:1,14) Jesus is the explanation of God. He is the message of God in human form. It is important for us to understand the Bible because it tells about Jesus. The word given to prophets and the explanation of Jesus give us a good picture of what God says to us.



Jesus taught many people in many ways. Sometimes he told stories called parables to get people to understand. He expected them to consider the story and understand the truth he was teaching. He knew what God wanted and he taught them to live like God wanted.

Jesus taught with authority. People accepted Jesus teaching as having authority and yet he was not demanding. He let them discover that he had authority and they followed him. If not, they lived by their own authority.



Jesus was upset at the worship of his time because it did not represent or allow people to truly find God. It was just tradition and form with no faith or substance. Our worship is done so people can reach God and all barriers are removed. We can approach God and praise him the way he wants. Worship is never about the people; it is always about God and what he wants.



Through history God has directed his people. They didn’t always obey. We are the people of God doing what God wants. We are driven by culture or trends of society and yet we live for God in this current world. Being people of God is not new or old; it is timeless. It may not look like the Old times but the desire to be children of God who are pleasing to him has been in every generation since the beginning. In that way we are restoring the will of God. We restore the will of God in our current world and in this culture.



Jesus death and resurrection was done for us, to take away our sin. He took our place and we accept him by surrendering our self to him, repenting of our sins and making a covenant with him in a new birth. We are born of the water and Spirit. Baptism is the action point of a new birth in water and Spirit. Jesus was baptized to fulfill all righteousness. We are baptized today to fulfill God’s righteousness in our life.